vMotion change the world

Reminiscing the past and appreciating the greatest thing that came out of IT for the past decade in my opinion.  Nobody comes close to VMware VMotion.  VMotion is a feature that is so genius that I am still amazed how somebody could have envision it.  Imagine virtualization without VMotion, I think cold migrate would be an acceptable feature, where you shutdown the vm and move it to a new host.  That’s a reasonable solution right? yet VMware did the unthinkable.  Being able to live migrate a virtual machine is so way out there that I am so amazed how VMware made it possible.  I mean imagine the sales pitch when it was first introduce, it was probably a typical Monday meeting with all the top engineers and a white board with just the word VMOTION in big letters and somebody says something like this:

“Guys I don’t know how we’re going to do it.  We will migrate a live/hot vm without skipping a beat.  Meeting adjourn, lets make it happen”.

I wonder how everyone reacted.

VMotion is the one feature alone that took virtualization to a whole new level.  I don’t think virtualization will be as good as it is now without VMotion.  The ability to live migrate vm so you can service/replace the underlying hardware is so brilliant.   VMotion is the standard where every type 1 hypervisor is copying and I honestly think that there is any close competition out there.  You might say Microsoft and Xen but really it is not even close, VMotion can go circles on Live Migrate and Xenmotion.

In the future VMotion will be a feature that just works well  that we will take for granted how powerful it is and how so out of the ordinary and cutting edge it is.  It is already becoming common word just like how Google started.  I remember we call AltaVista, Yahoo, Google, Lycos, etc as search engines.  Now you hardly hear the word search engines, it is very common to hear “Google it”.  Just like Google, It is now common to hear “vmotion it”.

I just want to pause and give credit where credit is due.  I applaud the brains behind VMotion.  I also applaud how VMware did not stop developing this good idea.  SVMotion, DRS, SDRS, etc are all rising starts which I firmly believe all came from the vMotion idea.


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