vCenter Appliance 5.0 U1 and more

After so many months of wait, the new vCenter 5 U1 is now out.  There’s not much articles that talks about it yet other than the fact that it now uses PostgreSQL compared to the old IBM DB2.  Funny, Vmware pubs had notes regarding the U1 long before its official release.  This made me a little confuse trying to look for the download page thinking it is already out for consumption but it’s not.

I am currently downloading the update right now and I will have to report back if I had any issues with the update process.  Again, there are no articles out there regarding the do’s and don’ts when it comes to the update process.  Typically, I would wait for the dust to settle down but I am feeling adventurous.  Besides this is Vmware’s own appliance and they have full control of what is in it so I don’t see how they can screw this up.  Unless the client did some customization to the appliance, which I did but my customization is not that risky.  I made the db partition 60gig instead of the default 20 gig.  I had an issue with the 20 gig db getting to 100% so the vpxd daemon would not start.  I am using this particular vCenter for my View 5 full clone desktop (non linkclone), out of Vmware’s suggested limitation of 5hosts and 50 vm’s.  Obviously I have more than 50 vm’s.  Honestly, if I were to redo it again I will still choose the appliance than the windows version.  I would have to be force to switch to the Windows version once I start doing Vmware linkclone but not for a while.  I have to lab linkclone out and see how it is going to behave with Mcafee EPO (GUID issue) and all its plugins (HIPS, AV, PA, etc).  Then I have to present and justify the extra license cost which is the easy part.  Who knows by the time I am ready to linkclone the appliance version figures out to support the feature.

I am looking forward to update tomorrow.


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